Safety is the top priority as we strive to carry out the duties and responsibilities related to district transportation. This department supports all district transportation needs ranging from busing students to and from school each day, providing special needs transportation, accommodating all extracurricular and activity trip busing needs, and providing vehicles for employees to attend workshops and conferences.

All School Bus drivers possess a Commercial Drivers License and pass the State Bus Driver Certification. The transportation department is proud of its safety record and years of service it has provided for the Page and surrounding communities.

Occasionally our bus/school schedule will change due to bad weather. You can download a copy of our Inclement Weather Procedures to help keep you informed.

Transportation Team Contacts
General Questions

Bill Patterson
Transportation Director
P: 928-608-4121
F: 928-645-9209
Bus Routes & Driver Training Certification

Helene Nockideneh
Trans. Admin. - Third Party Tester
P: 928-608-4131
Driver Trainers

Betty Yellowman
P: 928-608-4131

Jon Fredericks

Parts Procurement

Jack Lizotte
P: 928-608-4118
Vehicle Maintenance

Norman Redshirt
P: 928-608-4118

Jon Fredericks

Harrison Gorman

After Hours

Bill Patterson
Transportation Director
P: 928-660-3053
Transportation Mission

School Bus Rules

Arizona Department of Public Safety -R17-4-507-Minimum standards for school bus operation, Section D- Authority of school bus drivers, "The driver of a school bus is responsible for the orderly conduct and safety of pupils and other passengers being transported in accordance with the policy established by the governing board of the district." All adult passengers such as coaches, teachers, monitors, etc. are also under the authority of the school bus driver.

The following are good safety habits which must be used when riding a school bus. These rules apply to field trips and sports trips as well as transportation to and from school.

Please take time to review rules by clicking on the link below and review them with your child.