After School Programs

Arizona families want their children to have access to quality after-school programs, but for every child in a program, two are waiting to get in. This is not the case in Page, Arizona! We are proud of the after-school options we have for our families.  

Lights on Afterschool

after school programsThe third week of October is the national Lights on Afterschool celebration. Sand Devil Afterschool Learning Center along with the after-school programs at Lake View Primary, Desert View Intermediate, and Page Middle School, want to spread the word about the important work we're doing to ensure that the youth in our community have access to quality programs. For starters, we have signed the Make It Count Pledge, representing our commitment to using the Arizona quality standards for out-of-school time programs to continue the improvement of our program.

after schoolSeventy percent of Arizona parents agree that after-school programs help working parents keep their jobs. Programs like our Sand Devil Afterschool Learning Center and after-school programs at LVP, DVI, and PMS, which the 21st Century grant sponsors, make a big difference for the families we serve. It allows us to provide parents with a safe and enriching learning environment for their children to be when school is out. During the Lights on Afterschool week, we're calling attention to the important role we play in supporting families in our community. 

afters choolBy investing in after-school programs, Arizona cities and schools actually save tax dollars. After-school programs increase a child's chances for success in school, as well as their earning potential later in life. The bottom line is that it's a good investment. During the Lights on Afterschool week and year-round, we want to thank you for your support and invite you to get more involved with our program.

acfer schoolThere are approximately twenty to twenty-five hours per week that children are out of school while most parents are at work, creating an after-school gap. Sand Devil Afterschool Learning Center and our after-school programs at LVP, DVI, and PMS are here to fill this gap in our community, providing youth with a safe place to go that simultaneously supports their social, emotional, physical and academic development. October 22 is Lights on Afterschool Day, a national celebration calling attention to the importance of after-school programs for America's children, families, and communities. We're proud to be a safe haven for the youth and families we serve. Please take a few minutes to learn more about Lights on Afterschool!

after schoolDuring the hours of 3:00-6:00 p.m., youth are often unsupervised and are at the greatest risk for engaging in illegal activity. After-school programs provide youth with a safe place to go when school is out, where they can still have time to interact socially with peers, but in a structured and enriching environment. In honor of Lights on Afterschool day, Sand Devil Afterschool Learning Center and our afterschool programs at LVP, DVI, and PMS want to call attention to the value of after-school programs as part of an overall support network for youth. We take our role seriously and while they are in our care, we're dedicated to making it count through high quality, hands-on learning opportunities.